When: Sunday, July 8th 2018

Where: Drew University (Baldwin Gymnasium) 36 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940

Registration and weigh-ins: Saturday, July 7th  6 – 8PM at South Mountain Martial Arts Dojo

91 Main Street, Madison, NJ 07940 

***For children intermediate and school boys/girls we will allow the remote weigh-ins at the selected locations.  All children competitors must register and weigh-in on or before July 7, so they can be the first to start on Sunday, July 8th in the morning.

Sunday, July 8th – late registration and weigh-ins will take place at the tournament site from 8:00am to 9:00am for cadets, juniors and seniors only.  Please note that late registration fees will be accepted in cash ONLY.  There will be a $15 late fee for those who register on July 8th before the tournament.  In order to avoid this penalty, you can register and make a payment by mail (contact information and address is on the entry form).

9:30am – Opening ceremony, followed by commencing of the championships, immediately after ceremony

Organized and Sanctioned by:  USA Sambo Inc.

Tournament Director:  Mr. Robert James Clark

Chief Referee: Mr. Dayn DeRose

Chief Administrative Officer: Dr. Roman Zinder

Participation at National Championships and membership with the USA Sambo Inc. is required to participate in all upcoming international competitions organized by International Sambo Federation – FIAS (Federation Internationale Amateur de SAMBO), including Cadets, World Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters Championships as well as Pan-Am Championships, World Cups and other international tournaments.

Eligibility:     No prequalification required; novices are welcome to participate

Entry Fees:   Annual membership fee for intermediates and schoolchildren are waived. 

All competitors in Cadets, Junior, Senior and Masters divisions MUST become members of USA Sambo to be in good standing and be able to participate in future international tournaments.  An annual fee of $50.00 for a USA Sambo membership is required.

Note: US Citizenship is required in order to become a USA National Team Competitor and participate in 2018 Pan-Am, World Cup and World Championships

Championship Entry Fee: $50.00

If anyone wishes to participate in more than one weight/age division, the fee is $50.00 for the first and $25.00 for each subsequent one

Rules:  Latest FIAS rules apply (PDF file attached in this e-mail)

NO arm bars or leg locks are allowed for children under 15 years of age (quick reminder – there are no chokes in sport sambo).  We will not disqualify a participant for the first attempt; will simply stop the match and warm him/her and won’t count the submission.

Starting with Cadets and older – age groups that are officially eligible for participation in international championships – arm bars and leg locks are  ALLOWED.

Competition Weight Categories: see attached entry form

Coaches who are planning to bring children under 15 years of age to compete, please make a roster list of all your participants and e-mail it to the Chief Administrative Officer of the tournament – Dr. Roman Zinder at roman.zinder@hotmail.com   Please, put 2018 Sambo Nationals in the subject line.  The list should include participant’s first and last name, DOB and weight division.  Since we are planning to combine the weight categories for children, we trust the coaches to weigh their competitors in their dojos and document the most recent weight.


Uniform: Boys and Girls ages 10 to 14 are allowed to participate in white judo jackets and shorts (preferably black, but other colors are acceptable; just make sure they are not too long).  No sambo shoes are required. 

We will allow WHITE  JUDO jacket with NO patches (hence – NO jiujutsu Gis, just plain judo jacket) and black, blue or red spandex short (NO shorts of other colors, below the knee level, shorts with patches, wide cuts will be acceptable).   Thus, if you are called in red uniform, the following is acceptable: white judo jacket with black shorts and red belt, or white judo jacket with red shorts and red belt.  If you are called in blue, white judo jacket with black or blue shorts and a blue belt are the acceptable options instead of official sambo gear.  NO mixed colored Gis or Gis with multiple patching will be allowed.  Let’s stay as close to sambo as we can.

In terms of sambo shoes: if you have the SAMBO shoes, please do wear them.  NO wrestling shoes please, since their soles are made rock-hard in the past years, which will prone participants to traumas, especially the ones who are good with legwork.  Barefoot players will be permitted at these championships. 

We might be able to rent out uniforms on site at the referee’s desk, free of charge; you would have to leave your driver’s license or passport as a deposit until you return it. 


You still have time to purchase an official Internationally accepted USA Sambo Uniform at an Absolute Force – sponsor of USA Sambo, and an international sambo uniform supplier: https://www.absoluteforcesports.com/store/products/category/sambo/

If you are planning to participate in international events, you would eventually have to acquire a blue and red uniform sets.

Duration of matches:   Intermediates, Schoolboys/Girls – 3minutes;   Cadets – 4 minutes;   Youth and Seniors – 5 minutes;   Masters – 4 minutes

ATTENTION for non-US citizens who compete in SENIOR weight divisions!!!

Considering that there is a number of competitive sambo players who now live in the United States, but are not US citizens, we would like to invite them to participate in the US OPEN National Championship.  It will be held right after the official 2018 Nationals.  We are planning to have 3 weight divisions (light, middle and heavy) and seed the players accordingly.    We may add or combine the weight division as we see fit, based on the number of competitors. 

For non-US citizens the entry fee for this Open Championship will be $50.  They are not required to register with USA Sambo.   American citizens who participated in 2018 Nationals will NOT incur an extra fee (i.e. $50 paid for the official championship will automatically include them in the Open, if they wish so).  First, second and third places will be awarded with medals.

Note: official entry forms and membership application are attached in this email.

A full calendar of 2018 International Sambo events can be viewed at:  http://www.sambo-fias.org/en/events

PDF Downloads Here!  Click links!




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