Age groups of contestants
FIAS contestants shall be divided into the following age groups:

A contestant’s affiliation with an age group shall be determined by the year of birth instead of the date. The year of a contestant’s birth must be specified in the Regulation.

Admission of contestants
1. The conditions for the admission of contestants, their sports affiliation, qualification and age as well as the list of documents to be submitted to the Registration Commission shall be stipulated in the Regulation.
Contestants in international competitions included in the calendar of the Sambo International Federation (FIAS) must have an international competitor’s licence.
2. The Registration Commission shall grant admission to contestants. The Registration Commission shall include a FIAS representative, an Organising Committee representative, the chief secretary and commission members who examine applications and documents submitted by contestants.
3. Contestants shall be admitted in accordance with the Regulation. In addition, athletes involved in competitions having the closest year of birth shall be permitted to join a given age group provided they submit written permission from their parents.
Athletes who have reached the age of 18 shall be permitted to take part in youth and adult competitions provided that they submit a release.