Contestants shall be divided into the following weight categories:

*C/S – Combat Sambo
Competitions may be held in the junior and adult groups (men and women) for the title of undisputed champion without dividing contestants into weight categories. The minimum weight of contestants for such competitions is specified in the Regulation.

Weigh-in of contestants

1. The weigh-in procedure aims to match a contestant’s weight to one of the weight categories. The athlete has the right to participate in these competitions only in one weight category.
2. The contestant weigh-in procedure and time are described in the Regulation. An athlete who is late or fails to appear for the weigh-in shall not be permitted to take part in competitions.
Contestants shall be granted the right to test the scales on which the official weigh-in will take place one hour prior to the start of the weigh-in.
The weigh-in shall only take place once on the eve of the competition and last one hour.
In exceptional cases, the weigh-in may take place on the day of the competition based on the decision of the Chief Referee and a FIAS representative and must be completed no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the competition.
Several scales may be used for the weigh-in and members of the same weight category must be weighed on the same scales.
3. The weigh-in shall be conducted by an officiating board appointed by the chief official that includes the assistant Chief Referee, a representative of the competition secretariat and two officials. A doctor must be present during the weigh-in procedure. All officials must wear official uniforms and the doctor must be in a white coat. All members of the officiating board must be the same sex as the athletes (only men for men and women for women).
4. All contestants shall undergo a medical examination with the doctor prior to the weigh-in.
Contestants shall be weighed in a special room semi-naked in sports undergarments: men in underwear and women in bras and underwear.
Weighing in without clothes shall not be permitted.
5. At weigh-in contestants must present the passport of the country they represent and a completed application. The remaining documents (competitor’s licence, insurance, healthcare card) shall be submitted to the Registration Commission and a weight report shall be prepared for each weight category.
6. The weigh-in results shall be recorded in the report (Appendices 6.1 and 6.2) which shall be signed by all members of the officiating board.
7. An athlete may only compete in one weight category, which corresponds to its actual weight shown on the official weigh- in.