Sambo shorts “Stels” (red)


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Due to the invasion of Russia into the territory of Ukraine and the beginning of a full-scale war, our company cannot fully provide you with all the availability of products, please check the availability of your size before ordering

The production was located in the city of KharkivUkraine, which is under constant shelling and the civilian population is dying, we support Ukraine in every possible way in this difficult time

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Professional, cotton jersey, colors: red, blue.
Manufacturer: Ukraine, Kharkov.
This short model is a form for the professional level of Sambo classes.
Sewn from high-quality cotton wool jersey, inserts with prints from synthetic knitwear “diving”, thanks to this they do not shed.
Designed to perform at competitions of any level, including international ones.
Dimensions: 32-34-36-38-40-42-44-46-48-50-52.
The sizes from 32 to 40 inclusive are not subject to licensing.
The availability of a license is not required for them.
Sizes from 42 to max. are subject to licensing and have our licensed and has certificate of the FIAS,INTERNATIONAL SAMBO FEDERATION, so that our efforts help the athletes to reach new heights.