Sambo Tournaments

Calendar 2023


For information on competing in future prestigious events, U.S. sambists are invited to contact USA Sambo at

FIAS World Sambo Cup 2023 Serbia

October 13-15


World Youth and Junior Sambo Championship

(youth ― M&W; juniors ― M&W + combat sambo)

in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

October 21-30


World Combat Games

in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

November 10-12


World Sambo Championships (M&W, Men combat sambo)

in Yerevan, Armenia


September 6-7


Pan American Sambo Championships

(M&W, Combat SAMBO)

in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

September 9-10


World Beach Sambo Championships

(M&W, Team Event)

in Cochabamba, Bolivia

May 4-5


The 1st in history Pan American Cadets, Youth and Junior Sambo Championships (M&W, Combat SAMBO)

in Cochabamba, Bolivia

May 6


The 1st in history Pan American Junior Beach Sambo Championships (M&W)

in Cochabamba, Bolivia

April 8


USA Sambo Nationals and US Open Championships

at Drew University, Madison, NJ

March 10 – 12


Dutch Sambo Open

(all ages for sport and adult men – combat)

Sambo Dutch Open 2023